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About Us


myOfficeCloud is a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) founded in 2012 located at 42 Lake Ave in the heart of Worcester MA. We have dedicated our efforts to build a flexible and affordable cloud solution environments to fit the largest or smallest of business needs. We hang our hat on our personal customer service, excellent response times and partnerships we build. We are constantly improving, testing and deploying the newest greatest and latest technology that can benefit our customers.

myOfficeCloud “Mission “is to bring enterprise solutions to the small mid-size business at an affordable price in a fixed monthly cost model allowing business to pay for only what they need giving them ability to grow their company without large upfront costs, distractions and frustrations that technology can sometimes bring, while future-proofing their business and focusing on business objectives.

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At the core myOfficeCloud centers around honesty, integrity, innovation, hard work and respect. Our honesty and integrity gains the trust of our partners and transparency into our recommendations. We strive to innovate and integrate to solve problems. You can depend on us with our persistent hard work, very high task & project completion rate and welcoming Helpdesk Support. We respect each other, our partners, ourselves and hold each other to the highest of standards placing equal value on every relationship.


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